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Making Your Health a Priority

Revive Rx is the premier pharmacy for health, wellness and restorative medicine. We focus on treating the source and not just the symptoms. Unlike commercialized medicine we use industry leading technology to optimize your treatment. We collaborate with the most innovative pharmacies, pharmacists, healthcare providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

Special Notice

Revive Rx is a licensed pharmacy, and is not an e-commerce or internet service pharmacy. We only accept valid prescriptions from licensed medical professionals with prescriptive authority. We only accept prescriptions that are transmitted securely via hipaa compliant transmission to our pharmacy directly from the provider's medical practice. We validate the prescriber, by reviewing state and federal licensing. We also require patient specific information in order to validate the patient seeking to have a prescription filled is in fact the patient to whom the medication is prescribed. We will request, name, date-of-birth, phone, address, and medical history to ensure the correct patient is to receive their personal prescription. We reserve the right to refuse the fill of any medication unless certain measures are met to ensure the prescriber is within his or her legal right to prescribe, and the patient is identified as the patient to whom the medication is prescribed.  If you are interested in having a prescription filled with our pharmacy please contact us so that we may contact your licensed prescriber. Your prescription may be picked up locally, or may be shipped to you at your convenience. Upon pick up we ask that you provide a driver's license as a form of identification. If you choose to have a medication delivered to your physical address we require signature upon delivery. We also require our carrier to validate the recipient by asking for identification. We kindly ask for your cooperation in this process. Your health and privacy is the upmost importance to us.


Pharmaceutical Compounding is the practice of manufacturing medication that is not commercially available for the purpose of treating a specific patient or disease.

Compounding has come under scrutiny over recent years. Recent investigations of compounding pharmacies showed that many pharmacies were not following the strict standards of the United States Pharmacopeia guidelines. As a result, the FDA has increased regulations on compounding pharmacies to avoid any future issues of unlawful compounding practice. The FDA has released a memorandum stating all sterile compounding facilities must be registered with the FDA and follow strick cGMP guidelines in addition to USP 797. While this is potentially the new standard for compounding these regulations have not yet taken effect. In an effort to ensure the quality and sterility of our products Revive Rx only provides sterile compounds from FDA registered 503­B outsourcing facilities.

It is important to us that your compounded medication be produced by a facility that follows the highest of standards. It is important when choosing what pharmacy to use, you choose one that manufacturers or dispenses sterile compounds that only come from FDA registered 503­B facilities.

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