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Sexual Health for Women

Sexual Health

Maintaining your sexual health is important for health and well being. Intimacy creates a mental and physical connection with your partner. This mental and physical connection can improve mental health, elevate hormone levels, and increase libido. As we age we sometimes lose the physical capabilities of arousal associated with intimacy.

Revive Rx provides several affordable treatment options for women that will improve intimacy and sexual health.

Topical Treatment:

  • Scream Cream ( Libido Enhancement)
  • Testosterone Cream (Vaginal Dryness)
  • Estrogen Cream (Vaginal Dryness)

Intimacy Enhancement:

  • Oxytocin 50iu Troche (Oral Dissolvable Tablet)

Don’t let the process of aging keep you from doing the things you love with the one you love. Let us help!

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